The right technology and equipment play a key role in creating memorable experiences. That’s why AV1 exists.

Our experience is your security

We work on many different types of events and installations with different scopes and sizes. As our customer, you can always have full confidence in our sensitive, experienced delivery of Sound, Light, Images and Interpreting.


Everything starts with sound. Sound provides us with information and sound conveys the impression, the feeling and the euphoria. At a concert, the sound is set up to create that magical feeling. At a lecture, the sound is designed to capture the entire auditorium. All our projects start with a review of the customer’s preferences, circumstances and needs. We always make sure that the instruments to be played or the voice to be heard are perfectly adjusted to the exact level.

With a flair for technology

At AV1, we always work with the best technology and we’re always up to date with what the latest technology has to offer. Does the occasion call for a new specific technology? Then we make sure your event is enhanced by it

Passionate and solution-orientated

Our efforts are a guarantee that the sound will always meet the high standards you expect for your event.


Let the light take centre stage and capture all the details that the theatre performance, concert or product launch has to offer. We’ve seen a lot of shows and met many customers with specific lighting preferences over the years. And we’re happy to help you use light to create the perfect atmosphere.

Brilliant expertise

Sometimes you need bright spotlights, sometimes LEDs and sometimes floodlights. Or maybe all of them at once? Whichever it is, we have the technology and expertise to make your event a 5+.

We’re passionate about it

Is it possible for someone’s favourite activity to be cabling and connecting fuses properly? If you aks us, the answer is “Yes!”. With tremendous focus and equal amount of passion, we ensure that you have full confidence in our delivery.


Everyone loves moving images, no matter the location!

We install image solutions for everything from museums and exhibitions to state-of-the-art conference facilities and offices. In other words, we have experience of installations of all types and can supply all the special solutions you, the customer, require.

Impressions that make an impression

Nowadays, image and screen solutions are key to how we navigate in both our private lives and in our workplaces. As far as we’re concerned, it’s therefore particularly important for them to be highly user-friendly, for the functions to be easy to understand and for the impressions to be powerful. The best solutions are often the solutions that you, the customer, didn’t know existed! When it comes to interactive solutions or screens, the technology has often moved on further than you think. We’re happy to help you find new arrangements with exciting solutions that make your presentations, installations – or whatever it may be – take the recipients by storm.

Secure service and support

We think that image and screen solutions are an incredibly exciting market, which is constantly throwing up new solutions and configurations. As far as we’re concerned, it’s important that you feel secure with what we install and are confident to continue using it. That’s why we always provide after-sales service and support – so you can feel confident with your choices.


One of our strengths is our ability to guarantee the best possible interpreting equipment and set-up. How many people will be listening, how many interpreters will be involved and how is the venue laid out? We quickly resolve any questions of that kind We have experience of everything from small jobs to EU meetings. In short, with our help, your language translation will be as smooth and secure as possible.

Reliable equipment is key

We always use the most tried and tested technology and interpreting booths that allow the interpreter to focus completely on the task. We know how important it is to avoid technical issues when it comes to large meetings and discussions and we always make sure your requirements are met.

We make sure everything’s working

Important meetings where interpreters are needed are often very passionate. Important issues are being discussed. For us, it is of key importance to match that passion in our delivery to you. So at AV1, we always carry out our work well in advance and focus on the assignment in a responsive way, bringing all our experience to bear. This is so that you, the organiser, can always feel 100% confident that your meetings and discussions will go flawlessly.

Clients we’ve worked with

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Alexander Brinkby

Account Manager Events / Partner

Kristian Kavale

Account Manager Events / Partner

Jobs we’ve done

Fares Studios

One of the most modern film studios in Europe had its opening. AV1 made sure it was as magical as the studio itself.


One of the most important events of the year in western Sweden. At which the focus is on democracy, the residents and the development of the city.