A meeting can change everything. A meeting with new customers or a meeting with history at a museum. No matter which it is, it could be highly significant. If the sound, screen or lighting isn’t right, the impression won’t be right either. AV1 knows the best way to set up the technology for the most significant occasions. We are one with the expertise in the experience.

We meet all requirements with passion and expertise

When it comes to installation, we consider ourselves to be a company that is able to deliver at the absolute highest international level and we always work with the leading technology companies such as Microsoft or Lenovo.

The range of services we offer is suitable for both large customers requiring an extremely high standard and start-up companies in need of our experienced input. Over the years, we’ve worked with everything from large arenas and stages such as Ullevi and Göteborgs Operan to clubs such as Park Lane and Pustervik, as well as with groups such as More Alliance and Volvo.

“A good feeling: Everything’s working flawlessly!”

At AV1, we have many years’ experience of installations of all types and we assume responsibility for the entire process at all times. From your initial enquiry and our first meeting, up to the quote, order, project planning and scheduling. To installation, operational testing and just that nice warm feeling that everything’s working flawlessly.

HDMI, Scart or Displayport? You only need one, and we know which one.

An interactive screen in a museum is pressed on an average of 100 times in 24 hours. We help you make the right choice.

What does an installation involve in more specific terms?

Well, it all depends on what our customers require. For example, it may be a question of a conference venue with a large screen for presentations and online meetings with requirements for specific cabling. Or interactive screens and sound installations at a museum exhibition, for example. What are your needs? At AV1, we’re happy to act as a sounding board and the best solution can often be something you didn’t know existed.

We’re happy to be your partner for long-term work and development. A good relationship is always the first step towards the best technical solutions, ongoing service and support.


Let the sound pour over you. Let the sound captivate you. That’s what you want to experience at a concert or lecture. As far as we’re concerned, it’s particularly important for the sound to be perfectly suited to the venue and to reach the audience in the right way.


Let there be light! But what kind of light do you mean? We always adapt the light to our customers’ vision of how they want an event to be experienced.


A meeting must always work flawlessly. No time must be taken up by issues involving cables or monitor settings. We develop the most flexible solutions with the best products on the market.


Many types of events and lectures are filmed. Everyone likes moving images! For us, that means syncing angles with focus and light and syncing recording with sound and movement. Whatever we’re filming, we want it to be seen.


Just like filming – we approach it with the same passion. So everyone watching the stream can absorb the message just as well as if they were present.

Jörgen Börling

Account Manager Installation / Partner

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